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Booking Ideas
Great Ideas and Creative Ways to Get Appointments on Your Books

DOS Newsletter

$1000 day

Amber's Asst Winner Referal Script

Amber's Referal WInner Script

Ambers Skin Care Class Script

Daycare and Nurses Script

One Month Normal

One Month Normal Tracking Sheet

Warm Chatter

Product Drawing Fill-In PDF | Publisher

Get it Free Postcards

NSD Rebecca Evans Plan
100 Leads in a Week
Roses Booking
Lipstick Survey
Money Check Up Booking
Booking Box
Party Plans Flyer
Skin Care Survey
Skin Care Survey 2
Everyday Specials
Facial Jar Booking
Lipstick for a Penny
Wash Cloth Samples
Facial in a Bag
Booking with Gift Certificates
Dana Barry Warm Chatter Booking
Dana Berry Warm Chatter Entry Forms
Info From Dana on Warm Chatter Booking
Dana's Warm Chatter Gift Certificate
Honoring Working Women
Fishbowl Sign
Fishbowl Questionnaire
10 Show Week
Create a Look
Women in Business
How to Set up Your Online Party

Referrals & Booking From Classes
Walking Away From a Class Without Referrals is Like Leaving Money on the Table - Use These Ideas to Always Leave a Class with Bookings
Referral Game - NEW

Deal or No Deal Booking Idea
Deal or No Deal Labels
Book to Look Idea
Book to Look Envelopes
Deal or No Deal Coupons
Prescription for a Second Appointment
Referrals from Skin Care Classes
Booking from Classes
Referral Gift Certificate
How to Get a 2nd Appointment
Tic Tac Toe Referral Game - UPDATED

Booking Tips
Ideas and Things to Keep in Mind When Booking Appointments
Information on Booking
Warm Chatter Networking
The Art of Networking
Smile Back
Why Doesn't She Call Me Back?
Dealing with Nos
67 Booking Tips

Booking Scripts
Scripts to Help Your Book Your Appointments

Booking Script

Referral Script

Assistant Referal Script

Phone Facial Script

Teacher Mother Script

Bridal Script

Day Care Script - Kim McClure
Facial Jar Booking Script
Booking/Recruiting Scripts
Booking Script for a 10 Show Week
Simple Scripts
Referral Script - UPDATED
$100 Free Booking Script
Multiple Scripts
Booking Dialogues
Booking Dialogue
Referral Dialogue

How to Book Classes Quickly (Spanish)



MK Test Panel Invitation PDF | Publisher- NEW

6 Minutes to Sensational Invitation

6 Minutes to Sensational Gift Card


Model Portfolio

Color 101 Winter 2010



Full- Circle Skin Care Class/Party Training
Table of Contents


Weekly Plan Sheet Color Coded-NEW

Full-Circle Checklist Guideline-NEW
Full-Circle Checklist-NEW
But Who Do I Sell To?-NEW
Booking dialogue… think before you speak-NEW

Booking is the Lifeline of you Business-NEW

Mark Kay's Booking and Coaching Script-NEW

Mary Kay Scripts-NEW

Become a Master Booker-NEW

Master Coaching-NEW


Follow-Up Facial Game-NEW

Clipboard Close Guidlines-NEW

Mineral Marketing Sheet-NEW

Listen for a Lip Gloss Marketing Hotline Summary-NEW

Basics in the Bag Deals-NEW

Basics in the Bag for Botanicals-NEW

Basics in the Bag for Velocity Girls-NEW

Interview Questions for Closing a Team Member-New

Interview Questions for Sharing and Selling-NEW

Five Closing Questions-NEW

Star Consultants Climb of Success-NEW

Car Office-NEW



Sales Ideas
Great Ideas to Help Increase Your Sales

Clean Up Your Customer List PDF | Word - NEW

Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer awareness Instructions

PCP Postcards

Botanical Facial in a Bag

Miracle Facial in a Bag

Half Price MK Product

Gift Certificates

Pick a Number Special

B1G1 Flyer

50th Anniversary Special Sale

Focus 50 Faces Tracking Sheet

Limited Time Offer

Sell A Bundle

Sell A Bundle Tracking Sheet

Summer Smear Sheet

Lash Bash Tracking Form

Lash Bundle from Applause 1

Lash Bundle from Applause 2

Makeup Makes You Look More Competent - NY Times

Russo Rull-Up Placemat

Mascara Club Flyer

Lash Love Mascara Marathon Flyer & Tracking Sheet

Lash Love Mascara Marathon Consultant Flyer

Cup of Tea Spring Sales Postcard

Get Ultimate Eyes

STAR Certificates

STAR Certificates 2

Blizzard Blitz

Prom Night Gift Certificate PDF | Publisher

Preferred Reorder Certificates PDF | Word

NSD Rebecca Evans Plan

New Customer Certificates PDF | Word
Half Back Bonus
Intense Moisturizing Cream Postcard
Oil Free Hydrating Gel Postcard
Pinked Card
Pink Card
Punch Card Letter PDF | Word
Punch Card PDF | Publisher
Roll Up Bag Closing Sheet PDF | Publisher

Botanical Roll Up Bag Closing Sheet PDF | Publisher
Gift Card

Building Your Business with the Model Portfolio
Face Lift Kit
$1000 Day Letter PDF | Word
$1000 Day Half Page PDF | Word

$1000 Day Letter 2
24 to 24 in 24 Challenge
Product Preview Survey
Lipstick Mania Letter PDF | Word
Lipstick Mania Tracking Sheet

Eye Clinic PDF | Word
$100 Marketing at Party or Meeting
Ways to Wrap Up Star

$1000 Profit in 5 Days Selling Script
Fair Booth Form

TW Repair Offer PDF | Publisher

Fall/Holiday Dance to Life Postcards

Bridal Essentials Close Sheet - NEW


Skin Care Class Tips
Use these to hold full circle classes and have the best possible sales at each class

Start Something Beautiful

Tray Insert

Beauty Menu

Party with Me and Earn in 2 Different Ways

Skin Care Class Script

Timewise Repair

Timewise Repair Postcards
Booking From Classes
Cusomer Profile

Supplements Page


Order of Application

Order of Application MK Intouch

Botanicals - Keeping your Skin current

Botanicals - Placement Sheet

Botanical Effects Before and After

Opening & Conducting the Class
This information will help you open your class and
have a fun successful class

Life Can Be Good -NEW

Door Prize Drawing

BUZZ Kit Foundation Placemat

Mirror Tray Placemat with Product Labels
Positive Question Openers
Let's Go Shopping Game - Spring 2010 Version
Tray Set Up Placemat
Placemat - Best of MK
Fun Games at Your Classes

Tray Setups for all 4 Skin Care Sets

Placemat Back & Tray Setup


Closing Your Skin Care Class
Everything you need to successfully close out the class and ask for the sale

MK Set Sheet -NEW

Create a Roll up bag

1 Inch Can Change your Life Close

Referral Game

Roll Up Bag Closing Sheet PDF | Publisher

Botanical Roll Up Bag Closing Sheet PDF | Publisher

Group Close

Class Close Form

Skin Care Supplements Sheet

Russo Roll Up Bag Close Sheet

Color Training

Class 1 Foundations

Class 2 Lips and Cheeks

Class 3 Fragrance

Class 4 Eyes Part 1


Order of Application

Botanical Effects

Time Wise Repair

Clear Proof

Miracle Set

All in One

Class Ideas
Great Ideas to Spice Up Your Classes & Parties

Funky Tic Tac Toe Sheet

Funky Tic Tac Toe Referal Game

The Beauty of Friendship Script

The Beauty of Friendship Card

Star Certificate

Star Consultant in 10 Days

Lash Brow Building Serum

Waterless Pedicure Party PDF | Word

False Eyelash Class


Lips and Chips

Lips and Chips Party

Lipstick Personality Twist

Lipstick Personality Test

Lipstick Skintone Chart


Fountain of Youth

Fountain of Youth Story

Order of Application Postcards

Fountain of Youth Placemat

Fountain of Youth Set Sheet

Pinkalicious Party

Party Instructions


Brownie Mix Booking

Tracking Sheet

Referral Game


Marketing Plan

Bucket Free Spa Class

Invite PDF | Publisher
Closing Sheet

Ultimate Spa Party


Outline at a Glance
Postcard PDF | Publisher
Flyer PDF | Publisher
Closing Sheet #1
Closing Sheet #2
Closing Sheet #3

Closing Sheet #4

Movie Premiers or Glamour Parties

Registration PDF | Publisher
Looks PDF | Publisher
Coupon PDF | Publisher


6 Minutes to Sensational
6 Minutes Information Sheet

6 Minutes Invitation

6 Minutes Gift Card


2014 Director Suit | Spanish Version


Image and Etiquette - NSD Linda Toupin

Top 10 Qualities



Recruiting Interview
Use this information to book and conduct
an interview about the opportunity

MK Opportunity Card PDF | Word

Fair Booth Form
Overcoming Objections
Magic Words to Help You Recruit
Follow Up and Follow Through for Results

Top 10 Starrpower Qualities

Opportunity Surveys
Have prospects fill one of these out after hearing about

the opportunity from you, on the hotline, or by watching

the dvd
MK Opportunity PC

Marketing Mineral Powder
Have You Ever Pondered Pink?
Think Pink Survey

Life Can Be Good

Information about Mary Kay
This information is great to give prospective team

members so they can learn more about the company

and opportunity

Did You Know?

2012 Miss America MK Consultant

2012 Gen Y Generation Info

Summer Teachers Opportunity

25 Reasons to Ponder Pink

Starter Kit Flyer

Mary Kay in the Spotlight
How to Quit Your Job & Replace Your Income
Why Mary Kay?

6 Avenues of Income

Starter Kit Invitation -NEW

Sharing the Opportunity
Ideas for sharing the opportunity at Skin Care

Classes and other appointments
5 Names and Numbers
I Love My Mary Kay Career
Career Path Flip Chart
Layering Sheet

Additional Info

Quick Marketing Bi-Fold



Recruiting (Spanish)

How to Book Classes Quickly

Carrera Paso a Paso

El Plan de Reclutamiento de Cuatro Puntos

Encuesta Productos Mary Kay

Equipo de Comienzo

Repuestas a Objeciones Comunes en la Entrevista

Has Pensado en Rosa?

Plan de Mercadeo

Hoja de la Consultora de Belleza Independiente

Senora CAB Hoja de Invitadas

Moving Up
Information for moving up the career path

Why Director?

Grand Achiever Tracking Sheet

New Director Package

Director Tracking Sheet

Tracking Success

One Month Normal

Director, Future Director & Career Car Tracking

Premier Plus

Tracking Premier Plus

MK Career Cars

Value of Driving Free

Directorship Tracking Sheet

Car Tracking Sheet

Goal Sheet (1st Half of Seminar 2012)

STAR Certificates

STAR Certificates 2

Top 10 Qualities

Queen's Court of Personal Sales Seminar 2012 Tracking

Queen's Court of Personal Sharing Seminar 2012 Tracking

Success Habits

18 Ways to Finish STAR

3 Paths, Pick Your Success Path
Rules for Zooming In Your Mary Kay Career
Party Your Way to the Top
Career Path Illustration
Consultant vs Director Pay
Free Car Frenzy

Are you Ready to Move Up?


Moving Up (Spanish)

Why Directorship?

Director Career Path

Director Tracking Sheet



Hostess Information
This is information you can use once you have booked a hostess to help make the class a success

Party with Me and Get $100 Free

SHOT at $100 Flyer Version 2

Coaching Tips
Ideas and things to keep in mind when coaching a class

Outside Order Form


Time Management
This information will help you manage your time, get

organized, and see what areas of your business can

Daily Organizational Worksheet PDF | Word

Money Management
Use this information to help keep your business finance in order, focus on what activities will make you money, and get ready for tax time

Credit Cards PDF | Word
Tax Worksheet PDF | Word - NEW



TimeWise & Skin Care Product Information

TW Repair Calculator

TW Repair 90 Days

TW Repair Facial Packet

TW Repair Before and After - Linda Toupin

TW Repair Regimen

TW Repair

TW Repair Post Card

TW Repair Brand Comparison

TW Repair Sampler Face Sheet

TW Repair Facial in a Bag

Vitamins in Mary Kay Products

Velocity Product Knowledge
Oily and Blemish Prone Skin
TimeWise Replenishing Serum Before and After PDF | Word
Seeing is Believing - TimeWise Replenishing Serum
Serum C Comparison
Replenishing Serum Survey
Replenishing Serum Results
Miracle Set Brochure
Order of Application


6 Minutes to Sensational
6 Minutes Flyer

6 Minutes Information Sheet

6 Minutes Invitation

6 Minutes Gift Card

Color Product Information
Powder Info and Color Conversion
Cheek and Brow Recommendations
Eye Color Recommendations
Lip Color Recommendations
Robert Jones Training

Other Information

Promote Sun Protection

Natural & Organic Cosmetics

Sun Facts -NEW



Click on the Images Below to View Special Videos!





Pink Link with Suzanne Brothers


Foundation Product Peek




Foundation Primer Application Tips


Foundation Brush Application Tips




Save the Nation with Foundation



Helpful Documents:

Foundations on Continum

Foundation Labels Ivory & Beige PDF | Word

Foundation Labels Beige & Bronze PDF | Word

Flawless Face Party Tips

TimeWise Luminous-Wear Fact Sheet
TimeWise Matte-Wear Fact Sheet
Mary Kay Foundation Primer Fact Sheet

Foundation Primer
Foundation Survey
Foundation Shade Comparison Chart
Foundation Flier

New Foundations (Spanish)

Robert Jones Conversion Chart

Foundation Shade Comparison Chart


Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day PC

Valentine's Day GC

Valentines Day Web Sale

$10 Gift Card

Gift Card Front | Back

$25 Gift Card

$50 Gift Card

Card with Gift Certificate

Valentine's Day Free Glamour Coupons

It's Your Day Certificate

I Love You Valentine Basket

Valentine Penny Booking Hearts

Queen for a Day Postcards

Valentine Gift Certificates

5 Days of Love

Chocolate Delight Version 1

Chocolate Delight Version 2

Fairy Godmother Set

Girlfriend Pampering Set

Valentine's Day Merchandising Ideas

Personality Quiz

Quick and Easy Ideas for Valentine's Day

Sell Your Heart Out

Selling Scripts

Selling with Roses

Valentine's Day Jars Pictures

Exclusive Valentine's Services

Hostess Order Form Challenge

Valentine's Day $10 Coupon

Girlfriend Gift Certificate

Secret Cupid
Sweetheart Lips

Pillow Gift for Wife

Guide to Romance

I Love You Gift Basket

Queen for a Day

Booking Hearts

Valentine Special

Gift Tags

Valentine Wish List

Gift Certificate


Eyes of March Flyer

Eyes of March PC


Spring Selling

Cup of Tea Spring Sales Postcard

St. Patrick's Day

Luck of the Irish

Makeover Postcard
Fun with St Patrick's Day PDF | Word

Honey Bunny Basket Instructions
Honey Bunny Basket Flyer


Administrative Professional's Week

Administrative Professional's Day Postcard
Administrative Professional's Week Postcard
Administrative Professional's Week Gift Certificate
Letter to the Boss


Teacher's Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Gift Certificate

Teacher's Appreciation Flyer
Teacher's Week Gift Certificate


National's Nurses Week

Nurses Day Gift Certificate

Nurses Week Gift Certificate


Mother's Day

Mother's Day Pampering Gift Script

Mother's Day Marketing

Mother's Day Specials

Fairy Godmother gift idea

Queen for a Day Gift Certificate

Mother's Where Would We Be Without Them?
Mother's Day Merchandising Ideas
Mother's Day Ideas
Mother's Day Bookmarks
Amazing Moms Poem (Denise Flowers)
My Mother's Garden Poem

Mother and Daughter Makeovers Postcard
Crazy Daisy Sale Postcard
Satin Hands Postcard (Debbie Speed)
Revitalizing Postcard (Debbie Speed)
Stress Free Postcard (Debbie Speed)
Sea Level postcard (Debbie Speed)

Celebrating Mother's Gift Certificate
Mother's Day Gift Certificate
Mother's Day - Queen For A Day (from one)
Mother's Day - Queen For A Day (from all)




Mary Kay Prom Makeovers



Gifts for Grads


Summer Products
Summer Smear Sheet
Limited Edition 2010
Lipstick Hostess | PUB
Sizzling Summer Products

Football Season

Super Bowl Sale

Superbowl Sale Option 2

Superbowl Pool Squares and Instruction



Back to School
Back to School Silent Hostess
Back to School/Back to Work

Back to School Flyer | PUB


Halloween Fun Pack Ghost Hostess

Halloween Mascary-athon

Halloween Mascary-athon - easier to print

A Montrously Marvelous Opportunity

October Special

Halloween Bag Slip for the Mom

Halloween Specials
$10 Gift Certificate
Halloween Ideas
Halloween Treat Bags

Ghost Hostess
Halloween Inserts
Same Old Look Driving You Batty


Annual Black Friday Selling Event

2012 Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Certificate

Piro's Best Holiday Sales Tip PDF | Word

Holiday Strategy 2011

Thinking of You Pillow Gift PDF | Word

12 Hours of Christmas 2 Per Page Flyer

12 Hours of Christmas Gift Certificate 1 | 2

$10,000 Cash Plan

$10,000 Christmas

Goal Poster

Just For Christmas Program

Santa Wish List
Corporate vs Consumer Sales
Car for the Holidays
12 Days of Christmas Luxury Packages
12 Days Instructions
12 Days Husband Letter
12 Days Tower Pic
12 Days of Christmas Version 2
Holiday Book Show
Holiday Gift Certificate
Bah Humbug Booking Game
Bah Humbug Gift Pictures
Holiday 12 Days for Customers PDF | Publisher
$10,000 In Christmas Sales PDF | Publisher
Pillow Gift Idea



10 Reasons to Begin your MK Career During the Holidays

Holiday Team Building

Holiday Placemat

Holiday Wishlist

Holiday Recruiting Flyer #1
Holiday Recruiting Flyer #2

Holiday Open House 101

Holiday Action Sheet


Holiday Selling Ideas

Click Here for Details